1xbet application – how to install on a mobile phone or PC


How to get 1xBet on Android

The weight of the most recent version of the 1xBet app, v.66, is just over 20MB. The app will now periodically check for updates and provide a download link.

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Your device’s system requirements are:

  • No paid content
  • Android versions 4.1 and up serve as the platform
  • Architect: 1xbet
  • Sports betting is a genre.
  • Price: Free

The following procedure can be used to download 1xBet mobile onto an Android device:

  • visit the site;
  • Browse to “Smartphone apps”;
  • Click on the required banner to select “1xBet free download to Android” now;
  • the 1xBet apk download will begin;
  • In the phone’s settings, you must permit the installation of programs not purchased through the official store;
  • Start the installation procedure by launching the downloaded file;
  • Now all you have to do is sign in to the app using your credentials.

How to get 1xBet for iOS

You do not need to go to the bookmaker’s website to download 1xBet to your iPhone. You can also enter the app request directly to access the App Store.

You must adhere to the following procedure in order to install 1xBet iOS on your phone:

  • Visit the bookmaker’s website or the App Store and look for the 1xBet app;
  • If you used a computer to access the website, all you need to do is use your iPhone to scan the QR code on the screen of the computer;
  • Find AppleID there by going to the iTunes and AppStore settings;
  • Change the location and concur to the terms of service;
  • After installation, all you need to do to start playing is sign in with your account.

Untested apps cannot be downloaded and installed on the iPhone because of the increased security mechanism. The App Store is the final destination for all licensed goods. There is also access to the 1xBet app. There is no need to get the program from unreliable sites as a result.

Overview of the app’s primary sections

The 1xBet mobile app is created in the same manner and has a comparable interface to make it easier for players to adapt. To comfortably fit all the sections, certain elements have been altered, although overall there aren’t many modifications. The functional element is the most crucial element, and it is unquestionably superior than the primary resource.

The line appears immediately and finding events is easy. There are no delays. Additionally, you may always download the 1xBet app and modify the parameters to make the program work for you. The interface can be changed in seemingly limitless ways.

How to get 1xBet for PC

You may download 1xBet to your PC in addition to smartphones. The app is ideal for people who don’t want to hunt for workarounds all the time and who want to give themselves constant access to the resource of the bookmaker’s office. Additionally, the software’s functionality runs slightly more quickly than it does on the internet. The streamlined UI and sparing use of browser resources make this possible.

Live gambling

The app’s live bets are particularly noteworthy. They are properly optimized and updated quickly. The mobile product is preferred by bettors in this manner since, according to reviews, there is less waiting time before placing a wager on the application than on the website.

You can access your saved favorites at any moment after adding them. Click on the event to start placing your wager. You will see a betting slip where you can enter the stake or add the result to your basket.


There is one of the most extensive selections of TOTOs available. You must locate the “Other” area of the app and choose the relevant sub-item there in order to access this section. The most well-known game can be safely referred to as the fifteen-event “Pyatnashku” classic.

There are other draws with altered guidelines:

Exact Score; 1xToto; Basketball; Hockey; Cyber Football; and Football.

Financial wagers

You can gamble on deals in this section. The bet is on the movement of the object, which is a particular index. Along with the values it is capable of accomplishing, it will change when and in what direction. There is a chart accessible for you to examine so that you won’t have to place a wager at random. The app has a quick bet function. It quickens the betting procedure so you can outdistance rival bettors.

Exchange of wagers

It is possible to place wagers amongst other customers of the bookmaker’s office using this part, which is categorized under Finance.

Describe 1xBet mobile

They made a smartphone version of 1xBet, too. When you access the bookmaker’s resource from your smartphone, it opens right away. Instead of being an app, 1xBet’s mobile version is more like the main website. The modified version is merely a condensed version of the original website.

This is practical because loading the page and its components on mobile devices is significantly simpler. It also doesn’t require installation. The new mobile version of 1xBet launches immediately.

The registration process in this instance is identical to that on the 1xBet app for Android or iPhone. You must select one of the offered methods by clicking on the “Registration” button.